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Mist Net 714/15P


Product details:

Netting: Polyester D75/2
Mesh: 14X14 mm
Shelves: 5
Length: 3 m
Height: 2.5 m
Netting: polyester

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Mist Net series 700P
Netting made in Japan D75/2

Polyester mist nets are highly weatherproof (don’t absorb moisture, UV proof). These nets are recommended for catching small birds and bats. They are barely visible and can be used in any habitat, including open areas. The netting is springy and doesn’t form standard shelves – it is an advantage when catching bats, because it is harder to echolocate polyester net than a classic net.

Polyester nets are highly effective at catching birds and bats.

Every net has its own serial number (put on the metal part of one of the green loops). This number helps to identify the owner of the net, for example when it is used improperly. Serial number is also important to reclaim the net. 

Please keep the label with serial number!


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