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Mist Net 1016/15


Product details:

Netting: 110/2
Mesh: 16×16 mm
Shelves: 5
Length: 15 m
Height: 2.5 m
Netting: nylon


Mist net series 1000
Netting made in Japan NYLON D110/2

Mist nets from series 1000 are more durable and only slightly more visible than from series 700. They are also very effective. High quality japanese netting remains black even after 500 days of a field work. They are highly recommended for long-term researches. Thicker netting is safer for the birds, and easier in use.

Every net has its own serial number (put on the metal part of one of the green loops). This number helps to identify the owner of the net, for example when it is used improperly. Serial number is also important to reclaim the net.
Please keep the label with serial number!


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