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Product details:

Netting: nylon monofilament 0.08 mm
Mesh: 20×20 mm
Shelves: 4
Length: 9 m
Height: 3.2 m


Ultra Thin Mist Net
Monofilament 0.08mm

Nearly invisible nylon monofilament nets, are the best option to catch bats and small birds.

This product was introduced to the public at the 14th International Bat Research Conference in Merida (Mexico) in 2007. Our monofilament nets were used during the Bat Netting And Acoustics Nights. M-14 Mist Nets passed this test with a positive opinions from the participants about their effectiveness and quality.
In Europe our monofilament nets were presented in 2008 at EUROBATS in Romania and in 2009 at 1st International Bat Migration in Berlin. Since then monofilament nets are very popular among bat researchers worldwide. To meet clients requirements we introduced also nets with mesh 20x20mm.
Our latest (since the end of 2011) product from this series is mesh 20 mm but white colour.

Every net has its own serial number (put on the metal part of one of the green loops). This number helps to identify the owner of the net, for example when it is used improperly. Serial number is also important to reclaim the net.


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