We are a group of biologists. Our main research interest is Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Some of us are members of the Faculty of Sciences, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMex), Toluca, Mexico

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Our main research topics:  

Plant defense against herbivores

Costs of different sexual forms in plants
Effect of deforestation on plant and on bird communities
Our research group concerns several aspects of ecology and evolutionary biology.


More detailed topics of our research are:

Costs of different sexual forms in dioecious and trioecios plant species

Plant-herbivore interaction

Physical and chemical defense in plants

Plant-ant interaction mediated by extraflorar nectaries

Plant-mycorrhizal fungi interaction in different sexual forms

Physiology and ecological importance of plants’ secondary metabolites

Bird-parasite interaction

Bird wing morphometry and its relationship with migratory distance and with habitat disturbance

Conservation of birds and their habitat

The effect of deforestation and reforestation on bird communities

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DECLARACION DE BUENA FE: biolevolmex.com es nombre de una página web y no del grupo de investigación. biolevolmex.com no es una organizacaión sino parte de un logo. Esta página web es propiedad del lider del grupo de investigación (Cuerpo Académico) y no de la Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM). Declarando la existencia de una buena fe consideramos, que mientras no estemos representando una institución que compita con UAEM, no entramos en un conflicto de intereses.


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